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March 29, 2017

My Own Personal Intersection

By michaelpace on November 30, 2011

I started this blog because I believe there is true opportunity at the intersection of Customer Service, Social, Business Process Management and People Leadership.  I also believe I can help.  We work and live in the most fluid environment since the Industrial Revolution.  The more we can have thoughtful discussions and fun about our surroundings, the more we will all learn.  The intersection is important because nothing exists in a vacuum anymore, and we should be leveraging the best practices of many areas to develop better solutions to our problems, opportunities and quandaries.  Today, I start the approach to my own career intersection.

In January, I will be leaving Constant Contact to explore what my next personal/career intersection has to offer.  Right now it is a bit of a blind intersection; however I am ready for the challenge.  I know the direction that I want to go, but there is no GPS for this route.  I desire to lead my own customer service organization to attain amazing heights in service, efficiency and people leadership.  Our service world is on the cusp of some incredible paradigm shifts, and I am incredibly lucky to be in position to lead those front lines.

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have worked for Constant Contact.  This organization has enabled and sponsored me to uncover how to deliver exceptional broad customer service, social media support and community management.  More importantly, they had the faith in me to put in place a remarkable team that provides this amazing service with scale efficiency.  My role as Director of Customer Support and Community Management has opened my eyes and heart to the incredible power of the social world (both digital and in person).  They gave me the confidence to speak in front of hundreds of Marketing, Tech, and Customer Service leaders at conferences across the country, helping me to overcome some punishing public speaking fears.  Thank you Constant Contact.

Over the course of the next few months, I would love to understand how I can help you and more businesses tackle this new space, and deliver a holistic awe-inspiring customer experience.  Even as I write this post, I feel the rollercoaster ups (excitement of the unknown) and downs (fear of the unknown) that are to come.  But like any journey to a worthy destination, it all starts with the first step.  Thank you again Constant Contact, and thank you Mr./Ms. Reader for letting me express my thanks and discussing my new intersection.

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    Your blogs are spot on Michael and I appreciate your generosity and letting me reference them. I’ll gladly accept any opportunity to help you in your new initiatives. I have a feeling, based on our dialog, that you’re well prepared and will be very successful.

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    Jeffrey Morgan says:


    Your post is awesome and inspirational. You touched your customer service experiences has improved your personal input and absortion being a part of Constant Contact. I am certain and I do believe you will eventurally reap the rewards for which you seek. In your passage however, you did not mention the most important aspect of being a Customer Service Professional; I am directing my thoughts to what we all desire in our customer service fields, having “celerity”. Our clients or any individual we come in contact, need to know they will not have to wait for a response. Unfortunately, if they have to, we as Customer Service Professionals must call them, give them some clarity their quest for information, product, direction, etc will be met immediately. In today’s face pace web based society, no one wants to be left in limbo. It is our duty to make sure they don’t have to.

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    Having worked with you at two different companies now, Mike, I am extremely confident in your ability to find the path that will lead you to your career goals. You will be missed here at Constant Contact and I’m positive you will be revered wherever you end up next.

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